Why are McIntosh Grande Mugs so insanely popular?

Why are McIntosh Grande Mugs so insanely popular?

Functionality meets design...this is the short answer.

For background purposes, the Grande Mug shape was introduced by McIntosh Fine Bone China in 2011 with a few designs.  It immediately became one of the most successful McIntosh shapes in the entire collection and remains so today!

The longer answer is the McIntosh Grande Mug is an exceptionally beautiful mug.  The thin translucent nature of fine bone china allows large mugs such as this to not be clunky or heavy, but continue to be light, strong, and elegant!  This creates a sensational experience for coffee and tea drinkers as they enjoy their favorite beverage.  The unique square shape and large area create the perfect template for beautiful art.

But wait...it's the art, isn't it?  Yes, combining the shape and fine bone china with beautiful art from Old Masters such as Van Gogh, Monet, Degas, and Cezanne creates a beautiful mug that proud owners rave about!

Here are some testimonials:

"Grande mugs -- we love them!" - Kay

"Such a nice deviation from the big heavy coffee mugs most people use. These are very nice bone china and the designs are cheerful" - S

"Exquisite and such a beautiful gift for those who love coffee, art, nice things and has everything. What a conversation piece when opened without costing a fortune, but appearing it did." - T

"I gave these mugs to an artist friend of mine. She was thrilled and just kept saying over and over again, "These are gorgeous." In addition, she used the beautiful box they were packaged in as a greeting card holder. If you want to give an impressive gift to a special someone who loves the arts, this is the way to go!!!"  - M

Yes, we invite you to share the news of McIntosh Grande Mugs too!  Coffee mugs can look this good...Cheers!

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Our Purpose: To help the world better enjoy coffee and tea!

Our Purpose: To help the world better enjoy coffee and tea!

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