Our Purpose: To help the world better enjoy coffee and tea!

I Love Coffee!

Like many of you, I'll start my day with a cup of coffee - the morning coffee is always the best one.  After lunch, it is time for a second cup.

Repeating this process daily has led me to enjoy coffee in many containers from paper cups to plastic travel mugs to standard white hotelware teacups.  I have to admit they all have their charm.  

But none of them compare to the enjoyment of a cup of coffee (or tea) in my fine bone china mug.  I don't have any science to back me up and I'm not sure what makes my coffee taste better; if it is the visual attractiveness of the mugs, the weight and balance in the hand, the thin yet strong composition, or many of the other features of fine bone china.  What I do know is there is a clear and discernible difference in the enjoyment of coffee and tea.

Fine bone china is simply better.

Once discovered, it has become our life's purpose to spread the word about this revelation.

This is why at McIntosh we are so proud to only make fine bone china coffee mugs which are the core of our appeal.  We combine beautiful, unique designs, classic art, and great value to provide the added element for the perfect coffee or tea mug.

So join us and help spread the word that coffee and tea taste better in a fine bone china mug!

Happy Hot Beverage Enjoyment, Peter

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