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McIntosh Mugs - Quality Fine Bone China

Want a better cup of coffee or tea?  So do we, and eureka, we realized it starts with your mug. This is why McIntosh Mugs is driven to bring you great quality mugs, shapes and designs that give you the best coffee & tea experience.

So many mugs in the world and yet how many are cheaply made, poorly designed, and unattractive?  Too many!  We passionately believe mugs should match the quality of your hot beverage.  We believe designs should be attractive and inspired.  We believe a great mug feels like a natural extension of your hand, has a balanced weight, and feels good when drinking your coffee or tea.  These are the reasons we make McIntosh Mugs.

McIntosh Mugs believe coffee and tea is meant to be enjoyed in a fine bone china coffee mug. Functional designs that you will love.  Dishwasher safe, microwave safe. Love my McIntosh Mug!


Monet Water Lilies

Mug Pair

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McIntosh Mugs

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