The McIntosh Mug Story

The quality of your mug should match the quality of your coffee!


Peter McIntosh, President


Proudly, our history dates all the way back to a tabletop and coffee shop in 1906 on Bank Street in Ottawa. Four generations later, McIntosh continues to be a family-owned business, that has been consistently passionate about the coffee & tea and fine bone china tableware business throughout these past 100 plus years.

Pivoting our focus from over the past decades of our retail shop to the fine bone china coffee and tea mug brand "McIntosh" you know today, the uniqueness of the McIntosh brand comes from the fact that we offer coffee and tea mugs that are great in terms of both quality and design. We are proud that our fine bone china mugs feature some of the most talented artists' work, such as Vincent van Gogh, Claude Monet, and Gustav Klimt, as well as a focus on our own delightful, contemporary designs.


Tradition continues as the McIntosh brand has created a top class group of quality products that are in line with your modern lifestyle. McIntosh specializes in fine bone china tea and coffee mugs which are beautiful and functional. Yes, quality is critical and important, while good design is essential. However, functionality is key to a great lasting product of value that you will benefit from. This is why we specialize in coffee and tea mugs that you will use every day!


We passionately believe your mug should match the quality of your coffee or tea. Designs should be both attractive and inspired. A great mug should feel like a natural extension of your hand, have a balanced weight, and feel good when drinking your coffee or tea. This is exactly how we would describe our fine bone china mugs. Fine bone china is a whiter white, translucent, stronger, more durable, more beautiful, more stylish, and thinner! Coffee and tea taste better in a fine bone china mug. Thanks for dropping by and finding out more about McIntosh Fine Bone China Coffee & Tea Mugs. We hope to be your favorite mug out of the cupboard for each brew!