The McIntosh Mug Story

The quality of your mug should match the quality of your coffee!


Peter McIntosh, President

Welcome to the home of McIntosh, where we've been providing coffee and tea mugs for more than 100 years.

We're a company that believes coffee and tea should be savored and enjoyed. We don't believe that your mug should be an afterthought—it should be as wonderful and inspiring as the drink you pour into it.

That's why the mission of McIntosh Fine Bone China Coffee & Tea Mugs is to make the world's most beautiful mugs. We know that when you're drinking your favorite brew out of a mug that matches your own personal sense of style, you feel like you're treating yourself to something special. And we think everyone deserves to feel that way!

Our History

It all started with a tabletop and coffee shop in 1906 on Bank Street in Ottawa. Four generations later, we're still family-owned and passionately committed to our business: fine bone china coffee & tea mugs.

McIntosh Today

We're dedicated to creating beatiful fine bone china mugs and sharing the brand you know today as "McIntosh" with hot beverage lovers. We offer some of the best coffee and tea mugs on the market—both in terms of quality and design. We're proud that our fine bone china mugs feature some of the most talented artists' work, such as Vincent van Gogh, Claude Monet, and Gustav Klimt—and also include some of our own delightful, contemporary designs.


We believe that the best things in life are simple. That's why we make coffee mugs and tea mugs that are beautiful, functional, and built to last.

Our mugs are made of fine bone china, so they're strong enough to handle everyday use but thin enough to make a statement on your kitchen countertop. 

We know that you have a lot of options when it comes to choosing a mug—and we want you to choose ours! So get ready for a better mug experience, check out our selection today!

McIntosh fine bone china is a whiter white, translucent, stronger, more durable, more beautiful, more stylish, and thinner than regular porcelain mugs! Coffee and tea taste better in a fine bone china mug. Thanks for dropping by and finding out more about McIntosh Fine Bone China Coffee & Tea Mugs. 

We hope you love our mugs as much as we do.