What coffee and tea drinkers think of their McIntosh Mugs!

Many of you are passionate about your hot beverage of choice...ourselves included.  While there are all types of ceramic and paper products to consume your drink of choice, many of us swear by our fine bone china mugs.  Don't take my word for it. You know best and here is what many of you have told us about your McIntosh mugs:

"Love them." Debbie

 "a very happy customer  - great product" Janet

"I was at the National Art Gallery enjoying the Gustave Dore Exhibit, then went to the gift shop for something special to take away with me. That is where I found your wonderful bone china tea cups of Tom Thomson’s work presented in the gorgeous gift box. What exceptional presentation and value for the price, well done!" S

 "I gave these mugs to an artist friend of mine. She was thrilled and just kept saying over and over again, "These are gorgeous." In addition, she used the beautiful box they were packaged in as a greeting card holder. If you want to give an impressive gift to a special someone who loves the arts, this is the way to go!!!" M

 "Perfect!  Great product btw" Keith

 "Grande mugs -- love them!" Kay

 "P.S. They are really beautiful mugs.  I saw them in a bookstore before Christmas but now they are sold out. " V

"Such a nice deviation from the big heavy coffee mugs most people use. These are very nice bone china and the designs are cheerful" S

 "Do you send this item to Australia. Please advise as I would love to own another one." Kerrie

"Exquisite and such a beautiful gift for those who love coffee, art, nice things and has everything. What a conversation piece when opened without costing a fortune, but appearing it did." T

 "Love Love this mug!!! So much so I bought another mug!!" R

Let us know what you think of your McIntosh Mug!

Peter McIntosh


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Why are McIntosh Grande Mugs so insanely popular?

Why are McIntosh Grande Mugs so insanely popular?

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Our Purpose: To help the world better enjoy coffee and tea!

Our Purpose: To help the world better enjoy coffee and tea!